Night Club Acko Hrasne is very popular and very successful night club. Located close to Myjava on the main road in middle of Hrasne between towns Stara Tura and Myjava. Our club is satisfying client for over 20 years and they are still coming back. In our erotic club we have 75% of Slovak clients and 25% are foreign visitors. We have visitors in small or bigger groups, also suitable for lonely and bashful clients. You can celebrate your birthday or company party. Our clients are also businessman, which like high standard of services and we can offer it. We are here for everyone who wants to have some fun and forget for moment worries of everyday life, relax your tired mind or to meet nice and pleasant girls. It is too early for you to go home to your wife or a girlfriend after a great gent’s night out and all clubs are closed?
Never mind we have door wide open for you. You have unique opportunity to come to us and enjoy your party with attractive and snuggling girls. In our pleasant environment we guarantee your discreetness and safeness. Our girls will arouse you by striptease perhaps even other erotic action. Fully enjoy yourself with a pleasant girl which suits to you the best.
Do not hesitate to visit our Night Club Hrasne where you can satisfy all your erotic desires. We are looking forward to your visit.With kind regards Night Club Acko Hrasne. 

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